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FYEnally Raw Studios was founded in Danville, IL and officially became the FIRST Black Owned Dance Studio in 2019. Then, fall of 2021, a second FRS was founded in Urbana, IL. 


The purpose of FYEnally Raw Studios is to: 

  • Provide an environment for like-minded dancers to freely express themselves through the art of dance

  • Create exposure and opportunity for our Dance and Fitness Instructors 

  • Provide dance and fitness training for individuals interested in losing and/or maintaining their weight in a fun & unique way

  • Help entrepreneurs and small business owners alike to promote and/or sell their product to a wider audience

  • Offer a rental space for Meetings, Birthday Dinners, Paint Parties, Kid Birthday Parties, and More

"Having the opportunity to dance & perform has ALWAYS played a huge part in my life. From being the Head Captain & Choreographer of my High School dance team, to being the FIRST Black Owned Dance Studio in Danville, IL, and starting a second branch in Urbana, IL is mindblowing to say the least; but I'm not done yet. One of my ultimate goals is to live the rest of my life giving back to millions of youth through the art of dance; one dance move at a time" -Shay LaChelle

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