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Are you looking to lose weight? Interested in staying physically fit? Or are you looking for a fitness class fit specifically for you? 

FYEnally Fit is the class FOR YOU! It's a High, Intense workout fit for my Phatties that are eager to lose weight! Every week, it's hard work and dedication! With FYEnally Fit, we make sure you're working out every muscle in your body!

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STEP-UP Aerobics is a fun, rhythmic fitness class that focuses on cardio! This upbeat, step class is a good way to put your hand-eye coordination to the test!

Each week, will be different but each will will serve the same purpose! Come get fit with us at "Step Up Aerobics"

&Repeat is going to be a smooth, basic dance class where the moves are repetitive! The vibe is smooth & laid back which is perfect for those 35 and up!

&Repeat is a smooth and unique combination of line dancing and hip hop. This class is a fun way to learn new moves while giving you the opportunity to stay physically fit!

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Puh-Lease Me is a modified version of "SipNShake" for All Ages! It's a 45-min, sexy/sensual dance class minus the sip! Puh-Lease Me is a good way to build confidence while learning new moves for your spouse or significant other. Come out, learn some new moves while catching the vibe and feeling confident!

SipNShake is a 21 and up, Sexy & Sensual dance class where women have a safe haven to let their hair down, relax, and enjoy the vibes of artists like Jhene Aiko, Meg the Stallion, En Vogue, and more! Come Sip a little, Shake a little, Snack a little and come catch the vibe! 


Come out to learn a routine that'll leave you feeling Sexy & Confident at the end of the night.


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